Monday, June 25, 2012

Cool and Classy

Shorts: Express, old (similar); Shirt: Banana Rebublic Outlet (similar); Shoes: JCP, old (similar); Purse: Kate Landry old; Necklace: Original Erinicole Accessories (Here)

When the temperatures gets as high as it has been these past couple of days I hate wearing fitted clothes.  I knew I was going to be in and out a lot today so I decided to wear something loose and cool.  I paired a loose top with baggy shorts.  I would not often think to do this, but on days 100 degree days it is worth it.  Because both of my pieces are loose I tucked the top into my shorts and made sure I belted it.  You could also cinch the shirt to make sure your waistline shows and you don’t feel like you are wearing pajamas.  I also added a sock bun to keep my hair off my neck.  This is slowly becoming my favorite hair style as the temperatures continue to rise.  With this look I was able to get work done and go out to dinner (outside) and not get over heated or feel underdressed.  Try this look and tell me how it was.